Put Some Gratitude in Your Attitude!®

Keynotes / Workshops

Roy is a trainer for various Head Start programs throughout the country and is a frequent speaker for the Head Start Pre-Service, Fatherhood and Parent Involvement conferences. 

Roy is a much sought after Motivational Speaker for Foster Parent Conferences, schools, colleges, nursing homes, correctional facilities, businesses and churches, community and national organizations, youth and senior citizens groups and for various local, state and federal government agencies. He conducts training sessions on Put Some Gratitude in Your Attitude!®; Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Neglect; The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Families and the Workplace; Sexual Harassment and other motivational and management training seminars for groups of all ages throughout the United States and around the world.  He also does retreats and keynote addresses for luncheons and banquets. 

For nearly 40 years, Roy has helped thousands of people to develop a more positive attitude toward themselves, toward their jobs, and toward others.  He is also learning Spanish, French and several other foreign languages.

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